Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What company do you use to ship your products?
Answer: We use UPS and the United States Postal Service to ship packages.

Question:: what forms of payment do you except?
Answer:: paypal which also offers non members credit card links.

Question:: can I mail in a money order or personal check?
Answer:: I also will except money orders and personal checks.

Question:: how many races do I get picks for
Answer:: complete 9 race Analysis for New York Daily

Question:: how many tracks do you provide picks for ?
Answer:: 2 random and 1 complete plays with SPECIAL pick plays and best bets

Question:: which tracks are your picks covering ?
Answer:: my number one selection all year is NYRA Aqu.Bel.Sar.

Question:: how many races do you provide picks for ?
Answer:: full 9 race card "New York"

Question:: how much do your picks cost ?
Answer:: daily $12.00 weekend $30.00 monthly membership limited offer $125.00 Prices subject to changes

Question:: what if I can not get on the web daily ?
Answer:: I will provide my personal number to members