About Us

I have been in the Thoroughbred Memorabilia business since 1998.I have enjoyed taking my own 35mm photos for over 20 years,unfortunately I didn't start photographing horse races until the late 90's. My section on autographed items, I have personally obtained 98% of all the items that I offer signed,I started doing this not only just for my personal collection,but to help cover the cost of the trips I was taking to get the photos.Hoping to sell one or 2 along the way.I hope this will offer some type or form of authenticity to my listings.On with the rest. I have been attending the races since 1970 and enjoyed all of the Great Champions of that decade,and in my opinion ending with Spectacular Bid still remains The Decade having the Greatest impact in the Thoroughbred sport. Mr.Prospector Seattle Slew and of course Secretariat plus endless other Champions. Today in the year 2006 at the age of 55 Looking back,it all started with the reading of the Daily racing form cover to cover,going over the PP's at night,looking for some reason or pattern to the results.plus the combining over the years of reading just about everything of interest pertaining to my sport I have come up with my own personal angles.That will not only offer value,but also get the most bang for my dollar at the windows.Not trying to beat the races but perhaps "A RACE" .Because of the Internet and its endless resources, I have all the present day tools available to me right out of my home,I print the Daily Form 24 to 48 hours in advance and look at endless replays while choosing my spots, finding certain races that offer what I call "having an opinion on". Based entirely on my objective of playing only a few tracks witnessing races putting together what I call A LINE.simple means getting to know the horses and spotting the key races for,certain next out plays. Before every one in the room knows it.I offer No fancy software programs,or number ratings, or who has the highest this or that,I offer Good Old Home Cooking.. Handicapping and looking for the next key race or horse,simo-casting keeps most players today from focusing on a few tracks which prevents the player from putting together a really worth while line.And ultimately leads to missing that next out winner. I believe the pick 4 plays at the Major Tracks offer great value at a reasonable hit ratio. With the larger Pools offered your not winning your own money. Perhaps the greatest challenge and complete skill play today is the pick six.When situations present themselves is well worth chasing, situations I mean 3 races you like..While still keeping in mind the $2.00 daily double or just the original Win and Place bets are still worth making .My picks or plays when posted for that day will at times be given a rating with some explanation.I do not offering any number or software solutions,but my own knowledge from watching the races,keeping notes, doing work after the races each night in hopes of spotting that key race that will produce the next out winners.which when right will be most profitable.Another key factor is having the TIME.This is what I do,I have been retired since the mid 90's and play full time,taking full advantage of the Internet, and all the tools that it offers.Saving needless traveling time that is better spent watching replays or reading charts.I can just about promise you complete satisfaction in helping one pick more winners.Just keep logging in for the daily plays for as long as need be. Then you decide,my feeling is when the cost of the monthly membership or a weekend special is considered you will not even give it a second thought,hopefully deciding this could be money well spent. Or just enjoy my memorabilia sections,perhaps purchase a few photos or other items and have fun as I do getting them signed ,when the jockeys come to your home town or while your at there tracks ,Start putting together your own personal collection today. Feel free to email or call my personal # 440-479-0438.